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Carat Weight

About Carat Weight

Carat refers to a diamond’s size and weight. Larger diamonds are scarce, and therefore more valuable.

However, two diamonds with the same carat weight can vary greatly in value, depending on the color, clarity and most importantly, the cut. A half-carat diamond with high color and clarity ratings may cost more than a three-quarter carat diamond with lower color and clarity ratings, but identical cut. It’s simply a matter of deciding what matters most to you, then finding the best combination to suit your budget.

Want the impact of size without paying for size? Smaller diamonds cost less to purchase when compared to a single diamond with the same carat weight. Buying three diamonds at a weight of 0.50 will cost a fraction of what you will have to pay for one diamond weighing 1.50 carats. Note, too, that a pave or bezel setting will make a diamond appear larger than it is. So it is possible to get everything you want – size and dazzle – on a conservative budget.
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