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Lighting & Sales Staff

Many stores will offer you what seems like a good deal on what looks like a great ring in the store, but outside the store it’s a different story. The ring might not look as shiny, the diamond(s) might not sparkle as much, you might not feel as good about the ring as when you saw it in the store display. There are a few reasons why, but mainly it’s all about the lighting and the sales staff:
GE-Retail-LED-Replacement-Lamps-Riddles-Jewelry-3-465x300_tcm201-59966Lighting can correct the following:
  • Poor cuts in diamonds
  • Inferior quality in diamonds
  • Weak clarity in diamonds
Pay attention to the lighting in the store!Sales staff at busy jewellery stores see loads of customers walk in and out of the store daily, they have no problem bringing in new clients. Retail sales staff work mainly off of commission, the more rings they sell, the more commission they make. The trick is to make the buyer feel a connection to one of the rings on display, then push them through to sales process to paying for the ring. The faster you make up your mind, the faster they receive their commission on the sale.

Jewelry.StoreIf you ever start looking at rings in jewellery stores pay close attention to the sales associates comments. Usually you will find they are always positive and in agreement with you. They want you to feel extremely good about whatever ring you show the slightest interest in.The difference with Diamonds West is that we want you to feel extremely good with every part of the process in buying an engagement ring. From educating you to working within your budget, we want to make sure you get the absolute best quality ring for a price you can confidently feel great about. We want our customers to be satisfied and recommend Diamonds West to their friends and family.
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