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jewelry-special-requests-orders-customized-diamond-rings-settings-CAD-design-san-diego-jewelers If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring you need to understand what custom settings are and why they’re important. And no, it’s not just to “customize” your ring (that’s just the tip of the iceberg). There are numerous benefits to buying a ring with a custom setting as opposed to buying a ring that is set in a generic setting. These are the facts:
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  • No 2 raw diamonds are the same size.
  • Diamonds are supposed cut to reveal beauty, not to “fit” into a pre-existing setting.
  • Other jewellers will put any variety of diamonds into a generic setting.
  • Buying a ring with a custom setting ensures the feature diamond is proportionally balanced with the rest of the ring.
  • Custom settings maximize your spend because you can chose whatever size/quality diamond you can afford in the setting you like most. You do not have to compromise on the style you want.
  • You can pay more for an inferior diamond at another store simply because they use generic settings and fixed prices.
  • We can make any ring sold at other stores for LESS and still provide a diamond of equal or greater quality.
  • Custom settings are made to your taste, budget, and fit.
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