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Diamond Education

At Diamonds West we want you to be fully educated on Diamonds before you buy. This is why we’ve compiled some excellent resources for you to get to know the most important diamond-buying principles.

Check out each of the sections below to educate yourself on what you need to know when buying a diamond ring.

The Four C’s

Diamonds are priced based on the four Cs: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. If price is no object to you, then by all means select a diamond that rates highest in every category. If you have to be more practical, decide in advance what is more important to you: The diamond’s size? Its sparkle? How white it is? Then choose accordingly.
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Carat Weight

Custom Settings

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring you need to understand what custom settings are and why they’re important. And no, it’s not just to “customize” your ring (that’s just the tip of the iceberg). There are numerous benefits to buying a ring with a custom setting as opposed to buying a ring that is set in a generic setting.
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Lighting & Sales Staff

Jewellery store lighting can serious impact your impression of a ring. Did you know jewellery stores use special lights that are made to enhance the look of Diamonds? With special lighting techniques they can make a crystal appear to reflect light and glisten as if it were a diamond. Don’t be fooled by these tricks.
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